Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

ZX is equipped with reliable production lines making heavy-duty industrial ultrasonic cleaners. Equipped with an industrial grade ultrasonic transducer and moisture-proofed PCB, our ultrasonic cleaners provide powerful cleaning for long periods.


Heavy-duty Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners from ZX are made for large parts and machinery, as well as pipes, PCB boards, and more. A sweeping function spreads the force of standing waves for safer cleaning of sensitive objects.

With over six workshops and numerous production lines, we manufacture high-intensity models that carry out accurate cleaning.


Customization Options

Decide how you want your cleaners to look and operate for your audience to understand your brand’s message and communicate quality in every feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if my cleaner is working right?

The worst cleaning results are usually caused by improper control of one or more process variables, such as choosing the wrong detergent solution, insufficient heat, or inadequate time to remove specific dirt. If you suspect that ultrasonic cleaner is not cavitation properly, you can perform two simple tests: the "glass slide" test and the "foil" test.

2. What cleaning solution should I use?

Remember that you must match the cleaning solution to the soil to be removed (known as a solution with "affinity" to the ground) and the parts being cleaned. Mismatches can lead to poor cleaning and possible part damage. Modern ultrasonic cleaning solutions are composed of various detergents, wetting agents, and other reactive ingredients. There are many excellent formulations designed for specific applications. The correct choice is essential for acceptable cleaning activity and for eliminating adverse reactions with the parts being cleaned.

3. How do I get the best ultrasonic cleaning?

Understanding how ultrasonic cleaners perform cleaning or ultrasonic treatment helps to understand ultrasonic principles and how to apply them to ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasound is sound transmitted at frequencies beyond the range of human hearing. The ultrasonic energy generated by the piezoelectric transducer at a rate of 40,000 times per second will cause cavitation, which is the mechanism of ultrasonic cleaning.

How We Bring Quality-Trusted Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

Over four production lines run at full load to handle a variety of parts in the manufacturing process. Through our efficient use of materials and a reliable supply of up-to-date components, we produce our cleaners at affordable prices. As we have thoroughly inspected our products, we offer one-year free maintenance that reduces your hassles significantly.

At a low MOQ, we can launch customized services for you at different levels, giving your line of cleaners a personalized touch. Through our efficient logistics and shipping network, we deliver our machines within one week and update the progress of the delivery through our sales team. Accessories will be given for the maintenance and repair of our machines.

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