One Stop Solution

Aiming to make your purchasing experience seamless and hassle-free, ZX takes care of all your manufacturing needs under one roof by giving you a complete range of value-added services.


Preliminary Communication

Each project starts with our competent team of experts communicating with you to completely understand the demands your business has.


Before each project, we make a perfect SOP partnered with constant discussion and updates to make sure the project is going along based on your requirements.

Market-Oriented Promotion

ZX has built a reliable database based on five years of market research and online sales data from reputable sources.

Consistent study of this database allows us to predict upcoming market trends and provide you with valuable recommendations for products that will influence your market.


Manufacturing with High Efficient

Placing a premium on efficient and professional production of ultrasonic cleaners, heat transfer machines, and laser machining equipment, ZX adopts a flat management system that promotes communication and improves manufacturing output.

Our team of experts pays close attention to material and quality control of parts, along with regular testing, to maintain our quality standards.

Perfect After-Sales Services

Confident with the quality of the products we deliver to our customers, all equipment comes with a one-year warranty period that covers remote assistance and free shipment of spare parts.


Customer inquiries are efficiently addressed by our responsive support team within an hour after receipt.


Let ZX Elevate Your Production to New Heights!


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    *We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.