Manufacturing Capability

Placing great importance on our manufacturing prowess, ZX greatly invests in our production facility and high-end equipment to guarantee maximized productivity and output.

ZX Production Facility

Housing our state-of-the-art equipment and talented personnel is our modern production facility, featuring 8 production lines and complete certifications for reputable bodies like CE, FC, and RoHS.

Production Lines
Production Area
Annual Output in Total


Factory Certifications

Fully-Functional Facility Produces High-Quality Products

Utilizing a flat management system as our manufacturing philosophy allows us to communicate better throughout the production process, increasing efficiency and output.

Our professional team processes and assembles the machines to ensure stable and optimal performance while continuing to study the performance and timing of our products.


High-Grade Manufacturing Equipment

Minimal waste and errors through our high-grade manufacturing equipment, resulting in dependable solutions for any business.


1500W Fiber Laser Cutters

With our 1500W fiber laser cutters, we cut sheet metals into small ones in required sizes and shapes. The Intense laser achieves a smooth and flat cut without any burrs. We can ensure an accurate cut of all process materials through our digital laser cutting system.


Highly Functional Press Brakes

High-grade press brakes bend processed sheet metal into specific forms about 3,000 times a day. Each sheet metal going through our equipment can have a thickness of 1mm – 3mm. Using a digital control system, we can achieve a streamlined production of bent sheet metal with top-end precision.


Mitsubishi Welding Robot

ZX utilizes advanced Mitsubishi welding robots imported from japan to achieve synchronized clamping and welding. Our robotic and automatized production line achieves a fast production of welded metallic components with high-end accuracy, resulting in higher product quality and 200% efficiency raising.

Manufacturing of

Laser Machining Equipment

Step1: Material Cutting

Step2: Material Welding

Step3: Material Assembling

Step4: Material Packaging

Manufacturing of Heat Transfer Machines

Step1: Material Cutting
Step2: Material Assembling
Step3: Material Packaging
Step1: Material Cutting
Step2: Material Assembling
Step3: Material Packaging

Manufacturing of Ultrasonic Cleaners

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