Laser Cutters

ZX is one of the leading laser cutter manufacturers with strong production capabilities and strict adherence to quality. Each of our laser equipment complies with an international certificate for export.


Advanced Laser Cutters

Our laser cutters utilize advanced laser beam technology to cut through various steel sheets and metals with a low heat-affected zone. The CNC system in our cutters can achieve incredible accuracy while cutting dissimilar thicknesses at the same time.

With a well-equipped production line, qualified staff, and an in-house R&D department, we create laser cutters that fit in any industry.


Customization Options

ZX offers an extensive custom laser cutter service to increase awareness of your brand across your target market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does laser cutting work?

Laser cutting works by having a high-powered, highly-focused laser beam run through a material, leaving a clean cut with a smooth finish. Cutting with lasers starts by piercing the fabric with a hole and then continues the amount from there. The beam intensity, length, and heat output can be controlled, allowing the cut to be delivered in different ways and at other times.

2. Why is laser cutting better than other conventional processes?

It offers unique benefits over other more conventional forms of cutting. It has lower power consumption, and it operates at a much quicker and more precise rate. Also, it is safer as the laser beam is enclosed within a tight lightbox.

3.What are the advantages of cutting with a laser?

1.Control – Laser cutting allows for excellent control over beam intensity, length, and heat output.
2.Low power – Laser cutting uses a shallow level of power consumption.
3.Material diversity – Laser cutting can work with a vast range of materials.
4.Non-contact – Laser cutting is a non-contact process, meaning that the laser beam itself never actually touches the material it works.
5.Low operating costs – Laser cutting machines have inexpensive parts for replacement.

How We Bring Cutting-Edge Laser Cutters

ZX is a trusted laser cutter supplier with a 4,000 square meters production facility and five well-equipped production lines capable of completing orders of high-grade laser cutters with a short lead-time. The rich selection of laser cutters that process materials of different sizes for various industries helps you complete your production goals.

Reliability is our main focus when manufacturing our laser cutters. Dedicated inspection personnel conduct a full inspection of all raw materials and perform random checks to make sure they meet our standards. The team also holds a series of production QC checks during assembly, debugging, and other manufacturing steps. Backing the quality of our laser cutters machinery is the one-year warranty coverage for free maintenance, giving you the best value on high-performance LBM equipment. 

Let ZX Elevate Your Production to New Heights!


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