Laser Machining

ZX sets your business for success through our efficient laser machining equipment solutions. Time-tested skills and years of experience as an industrial machinery and equipment supplier can fulfill your production needs.

Laser Machines for Market Demand

Laser machining technology utilizes high-frequency lights for cutting, welding, drilling, and other processing methods of various materials including wood, metal, and ceramics. Different industries such as shipbuilders, electronics, steel, and automobile manufacturers achieve amazing results from our laser machining solutions.

ZX sets the standard for quality laser machines with our flat management system, state of the art equipment, and our handpicked staff.

Business-Focused & Cost-Effective

Each of our LBM machines is designed to streamline your production processes and improve the quality of your items with its features.

Feature 1

With incredible precision and speed, businesses have more control over their production cost and additional product options.

Feature 2

Imported and reliable core components are utilized in assembling our machines to ensure optimized performance.

Feature 3

Using lasers significantly brings down maintenance and parts replacement costs.

Feature 4

The laser equipment comes in different sizes, dimensions, and functions for specific usage among different businesses.

Feature 5

Compliance with FCC, CE, RoHS, and other international group standards are secured for all our laser machine solutions for export across different markets.

Feature 6

Automatize business processes to reduce labor costs with a smart and accurate programming process.

Feature 7

Process plastic, rubber, and even magnets without affecting their polarity.

All Our Laser Machining

  • ZX-Laser-Engraver

    Laser Engravers

    Laser Engravers engraves graphics, patterns, and other prints onto various materials such as wood.

  • ZX-Laser-Marking-Machine

    Laser Marking Machines

    Print text, graphics, and patterns on non-metallic materials such as silicon chips.

  • ZX-Laser-Cutter

    Laser Cutters

    Precision laser cutters cut sheet metal and other materials into specific sizes accurately.

Applications of ZX Laser Machining Products

Flexibility is the key point of our laser machining solutions, allowing different businesses to fully utilize them to match their production process. Electronic manufacturers use our equipment to cut silicon chips into accurate pieces for various devices.  Advertising agencies also utilize our laser machining solutions to create Plexiglas carving as well as laser-produced medals and plaques.

Your Trusted Laser Equipment Supplier

ZX is instrumental in the success of our clients through our extensive experience in the industry and our professional services that address all of your concerns.

We Are Expert

Rich experience allows us to be familiar with different industries’ needs out of our laser solutions.

Quick Reply

Responsive support team answers your inquiries and questions within 2 hours from receipt.

Fast Delivery

Overseas warehouse and versatile transportation methods ensure on-time delivery of your orders.

Hot Sell Report

National quality inspection reports guarantee the condition of your laser machining orders.


How We Manufacture Market-leading Laser Machines

ZX establishes the benchmark among other laser machining companies with our flat management system that involves clear communication between all workers and bolstering our production efficiency. With four automated production lines running at full capacity, we complete high-volume orders even during peak periods.

Ensuring the quality and competitive price of our laser machining solutions comes from working with branded raw material suppliers. Professional technicians process and assemble mechanical parts, accessories, and consumables to guarantee our equipment provides optimum performance.

Strict Quality Control

A dedicated inspection team of six qualified individuals conducts thorough tests on each aspect of our production process. Every raw material goes through our Internal Quality Control (IQC) inspection to ensure they meet our standards. An intensive External Quality Control (EQC) system is applied for full department inspection and IE full-process tracking services as well.

Through our Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) system, we thoroughly inspect all finished products to ensure other laser equipment currently being produced also provide the expected performance.

Let ZX Elevate Your Production to New Heights!


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