Cutting Plotters

ZX is your ideal cutting plotter manufacturer in the market, supplying you with exceptionally-created cutting plotters that combine efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Precision Cutting Plotters

Working with applications like CAD programs, cutting plotters create accurate and clean line drawings on various materials with sharp pens or other preferred instruments.

ZX is a reliable cutting plotter manufacturer that supplies clients with machines that are specifically made for continuous precision cutting and optimal performance.


Customization Options

As your committed cutting plotter machine supplier, we offer customization options to make sure our cutting plotters fit the demands presented by your market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is cutting plotter?

Cutting plotters use knives to cut into a piece of material lying on the flat surface area of the plotter. The cutting plotter is connected to a computer equipped with cutting design or drawing computer software programs.

2. How does a cutting plotter work?

Cutting plotter works like a plotter, except that it moves a knife instead of the pen. The depth of the blade is adjusted to the material. One needs to load a vector drawing into the machine code generator, Then tell it to use either all or selected lines as cut lines and then send it to the machine.

3. What are the benefits of cutting plotters?

Cutting Plotters is designed to draw images on paper, graph paper. It is very different from traditional printers, using special inks since it uses actual pens to create pictures. Normal printers, in comparison, stimulate lines by consecutively printing tiny dots.

How We Bring Precision Cutting Plotters

With years of experience in building tailor-made cutting plotters for clients, we know what makes the perfect machines for your business. Long-term partnerships with reputable material suppliers allow us to keep production costs reasonable and improve profit margins. Strict quality control standards are applied throughout the production, from material selection to machine assembly, ensuring optimal performance for long periods. 

Working with multiple satisfied clients over the years, we have established ourselves as a reliable cutting plotter manufacturer in China. And along with our quick and efficient manufacturing process, we also complement this with a responsive customer support team that promptly handles your concerns. Cutting plotter machines are covered with a one-year warranty period that includes maintenance, repair, and replacements.

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