Heat Transfer

Combining functionality and affordability, ZX is a dedicated machinery and equipment supplier that excels in manufacturing top of the line heat transfer machines that fit your industry needs.

Personalized Heat Transfer Machines For Your Business

Mainly used to transfer images on the material using a combination of calibrated heat and pressure, heat transfer machines make printing on various surfaces fast, easy, and more profitable.

ZX is an excellent manufacturer of efficient and affordable heat transfer machines, providing various customization options to make your machines fit your business needs.

Smart & Efficient

Heat transfer machines are tailor-fit with the right set of functions and easy-to-use controls to produce optimal results.

Feature 1

User-friendly operation interface and multi-language manuals for easy interactions.

Feature 2

Modular production results in multi-functional machines that efficiently complete tasks.

Feature 3

Full range of customization options, resulting in unique and innovative machines.

Feature 4

Independently produced mainboard and keyboard ensure stable performance.

Feature 5

Our machines are quality inspected using FCC, CE, and RoHS – certified protocols.

Feature 6

Optimal cost control provides budget-friendly solutions to our clients.

All Our Heat Transfer

Applications of ZX Heat Transfer Machines

Typically used for printing on different surfaces like plastic, leather, metal, ceramic, and wood, heat transfer machines offer great versatility in packaging and decorations for many industries. Create highly-detailed packaging and designs for decorative materials, food items, textiles, cosmetics, and other products.

Your Dependable Heat Transfer Machine Supplier

Along with high-quality heat transfer machines, ZX provides you with comprehensive and unsurpassed service that is sure to add value to your brand.

Years of Industry Experience

Extensive experience in the industry gives us the knowledge to deliver your needs.

Excellent Communication Skills

Direct and constant communication keeps you updated with your project.

Short Lead Time

Efficient production capabilities dramatically shorten manufacturing time.

We Know Market Trends

A careful study of compiled sales data gives us the edge in upcoming trends.


Optimized Heat Transfer Machine Manufacturing

ZX gives great importance to the fast and efficient manufacturing of your heat transfer machines. We heavily invest in our 3,600 sq. m. workshop, improving our cost control and increasing our efficiency by up to 20% compared to our peers.

The facility houses automated production lines capable of manufacturing up to 10 units at a given time, capping at 15,000 smaller units and 10,000 larger units daily. Additionally, there are several workshops and R&D labs to handle the processing of raw materials, maintaining stable product output.

Strict Heat Transfer Machine Quality Control

Committed to providing our clients with only the best heat transfer machines in the market, ZX utilizes established quality control protocols throughout the manufacturing process.

Beginning with self-inspection of incoming materials, our dedicated quality control personnel ensures that our standards are upheld during assembly and before shipment.

Let ZX Elevate Your Production to New Heights!


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